Gummy Shark Fishing Tips

Gummies Correct Rig (Western Port or Port Phillip): 6 to 14oz Bomb sinker attached to 20lb dropper approx 15 inches in length attached to ‘sliding’ Easy Rig clip – trace threaded through easy rig and attached to a good quality ball bearing swivel, 60lb main leader attached to swivel approx 1.5 Mt in length with either a 1 or 2 hook rig.
Hang Bait (Such as Squid Head) – 1 x 7/0 hook rig used re- bait hanged on hook (i.e. Hook passed through bait only once with barb fully exposed.)
Strip/Fillet Bait – 2 x hook rig uses 1 x 7/0 (Bottom Hook – attached via Uni Knot) and 1 x 5/0 (Top Hook – Snood tied)   Distance between top and bottom hook depends upon size of bait (Important top hook used as the TOW hook.)

Recommended Type of Hook: Gamakatsu ‘Octopus’

Recommended Dropper & Trace Monofilament: JinkaiBait Spread – Due to tide flow it is difficult to spread your baits therefore use rig with an 8oz sinker cast further out behide the boat (It shall drift further away until settles) and the other rig use a 14 to 16oz sinker cast directly behide the boat.

Best Bait: Fresh Squid, Couta, Salmon, Eel, fillets/strips.  Ensure bait does not spin in the current, position 2 hook rig to ensure this – Cut small section on top of Squid hood ‘Tube’ to allow water to pass through tube (Less tide flow resistance)  Fillets and Squid strips cut into strips approx 30 to 40 mm in width and approx 200mm in length. – Remember to position/balance your bait each side of the hook centre line as to prevent bait spin. If using Squid tube ‘Strips’ remove skin.

Best Times to Fish: Gummies are a permanent resident in Western Port.During the winter period being April to July large (20 Kilo’s plus) females visit the Port to spawn – Peak month is May.  Early morning, dusk or evening  1 week each side of the full moon phase   90 minutes each side of Ebb or Full Tide – preference being full tide slack water and first 90 minutes of run out tide.   Pick the tides with minimal difference between High & Low to ensure minimal tide/water flow. Turn off sounder as transmission pulse can frighten fish.   Where to Fish Western Port: The most productive areas are channel drop offs. – Position boat on the bottom of the channel where drop flattens out.  Once anchored with baits set, it’s a sit and wait game – Gummies will detect your bait by their excellent sense of smell.

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