Catching Garfish

Garfish, Mornington’s Mini Marlin Over the shallow reefs ofMornington, Garfish abound. These fish are fantastic for the kids as well as making great food and bait. Garfish enter the region in the summer months and are a schooling fish. They are attracted with the use of burley. The best burley for Garfish is a mixture of Bread, Tuna oil and fish pieces. This is best fed out slowly in an onion bag or burley bucket on the surface. I personally find that the best rig is an unweighted size 12 hook. I drift out the unweighted bait into the school of feeding Garfish. I find this method the simplest and easiest way to land these little critters. The best bait is either silver fish, Pippies or white bread doe. The best places to fish for Garfish are those that you find whiting. Look for broken reef and seagrass beds. Remember burley is the Key. Tip: When Snapper fishing keep an eye out in your burley trail for Garfish. Garfish will travel into the deep water and they just can’t resist a good burley trail. If you do encounter and catch a Garfish from out of yourSnapper burley trail, use it for bait. The results can be outstanding.