Bream are not exactly caught in Port Phillip bay yet a number of the rivers flowing into Port Phillip Bay hold quite healthy populations. The Werribee, Marybinong, Yarra, Patterson and Balcombe rivers all produce at various times of the year. Bream are some times caught in the Yaringa and Quail bank regions of Western Port Bay.
Normal bream fishing techniques are employed very successfully.

Best baits for Bream are prawns, pippies, nippers, sand worms and shrimp.

I like to use a 2-3kg spinning outfit. A slow taper 2.7m rod was traditional for bream fishing but personally I like to use a fast taper 2.1m rod when bait fishing or a solid graphite 1.8m rod with a topshot of braided line when I fish soft plastics.

A running sinker rig is best and a size 2-6 hook in a pattern that suits the bait. The weight of the sinker is dictated by the strength of the current.