Australian Salmon

Salmon school over the inshore reef systems of the Mornington Peninsula and are best targeted trawling or casting small lead lures or soft plastics. The Salmon are in the Mornington region from July-August and October till late April. Salmon are easily found when they are about, just look for birds working the surface. The Salmon feed on small bait fish so big lures are unnecessary. The best style of lead lure are the Laser or shinny bait fish style. Salmon tackle can be as easy or as complex as you like. The local professionals use heavy hand lines with a clear pieces of plastic tubing and a 4/0 hook, while many sport fishermen are using graphite rods and braided 2-3 kilogram lines. As for myself I just use whiting tackle, trawl a 5cm piece of Mc Donalds straw with a 3/0 hook. This keeps control of the number of outfits I take out on a sortie. The best locations for Salmon are Sunnyside, Fisherman’s Beach and Bird Rock. Salmon are a great sport fish, but their fight far out weighs their eating qualities so many anglers choose to release them. Salmon do make great bait for Sharks, Snapper and Mulloway, but only if they are fresh. Tip: Keep your eyes on the sky. Look for birds working the water and be ready. A hot session on the Salmon is always memorable, and they are a great fresh bait.